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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indigo Child Signs and Types

Indigo Child Signs and Types

A child classed as Indigo children is usually recognized as intelligent, gifted, free-spirited and creative, an "outside-the-box" thinker who has little patience for repetitive tasks or doing things the same old way. When others do not share the child's exalted opinion of himself, the Indigo children tends to turn inward, making him seem shy or antisocial.
There are four subcategories of Indigo Children:
* the outgoing, opinionated "Humanist;"
* the introverted and task-oriented "Conceptualist;"
* the sensitive and creative "Artist;"
* the bullying but spiritually powerful "Interdimensional."
Experts on Indigos, like Robert Gerard and Cathy Patterson, have written many books and articles about the various attributes of Indigo Children and how parents can best discipline and relate to them.


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