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Friday, August 10, 2012



--> Indigos have been with us since the dawn of New Age.All were unique and gifted.
The current heavy surge of Indigo Children arrivals have manifested in five distinct and discernable decants or generations of one decade each. Each generation has distinguishing characteristics, auric veils, and Awakening/Saturn’s Return years.

Indigo Children Generation One (Alpha): Born between 1958-1968. Born with blue-green-violet overlays, camouflaged with tans. Saturn’s Return/Awakening years for this generation were 1986-1996. Octarine phase.

Indigo Children Generation Two (Beta): Born between 1968-1978: This generation also came in with the blue-green-violet overlay, but without the tan camouflage. The Saturn’s Return/Awakening years for this generation were 1996-2006. This generation is also Post-Awakening.

Indigo Children Generation Three (Gamma): Born between 1978-1988: Here is the first generation of minimally overlaid Indigos. Crystal/Octarine. This is where some of the earliest manifestations of apparent ADD and ADHD in Indigo children began. Saturn’s Return/Awakening for this generation will be from 2006-2016.

Indigo Children Generation Four (Delta): 1988-1998: The first of the ‘pure’ Indigos with no color overlay at all- only the highly chameleonic Crystal/Octarine. These are the ‘wildest’ of the apparent ADD/ADHD group, and Guidance states that it is possible that it is the rapid-fire overstimulation by the public media of this time acting on the crystal overlay that is driving the Indigo child to distraction. It will also make their transition into adolescence smoother- this group will have the hardest puberty, and, if not carefully monitored, the highest drug/alcohol and suicide rate of all the cohorts.
Indigo Children Generation Five (Omega): 1998-2008: According to my Guidance, this will be the last decade of pure Indigos, and the end of the major cohorts. acclimitizing themselves to the environment as the Delta generation, and depending upon the local conditions, may have an extremely difficult childhood. Depending upon local conditions, this generation will experience its Saturn’s Return/Awakening from 2026-2036. The number of people of the Indigo ray will drop off sharply during this generation. If you are a Beta generation Indigo Children , on the verge of or are presently in the midst of your Saturn’s Return period, this guidance should help you. For Indigos, this difficult time serves to strip away the overlays and camouflage, and reveal to them their true potential and psychic capabilities. Careful direction, close peer contact, and compassionate guidance is essential during these vulnerable times. A note: These dates and generations aren't set in concrete. If you were born before 'Alpha', that doesn't diminish your status at all. There will always be Indigo Childrens in the population, but sometimes there are more than other times.

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Indigo Leslie said...

You have a great blog, and I especially enjoyed this post! I have never heard the different generations broken down (alpha, beta, etc) as you have done, but I can see that this may be why different indigos have different abilities.

According to your article I am gamma, though I believe I have a lot of traits that are similar to Crystals, especially being intensely empathic (which I know am learning to control better).

Anyway, I would love to get your feedback on my blog:

I get a lot of comments telling me that my blog was exactly what they were looking for because they have always felt different but could totally relate to the experiences I write about in my blog (which is sort of the intention... to help others who have these experiences know that they are not alone and how to manage their abilities and the world better.)

Anyway, thanks for your great blog!