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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Indigo Spirit

Indigo Spirit

The anatomy of the Indigo Spirit is by far the most complicated part of these souls. They are highly evolving human beings who have a universal knowledge of how things work and what is expected of them.
This section does not cover the total profile of the Indigo Spirit but attempts to help you find your way through the mysteries of the Indigo. The basic suggestions I make when dealing with their spiritual side is to practice: respect, understanding, patience and love.
When Indigo Children enter a class space for the first time they inspect it, not unlike other students. But the Indigo children also registers in his/her soul and body the energy of the space and will let you know if the indigo children are uncomfortable in there or not. They are able to tell if something negative happened in the last class that was in the room. The best way to manage their fears or questions is to answer them as honestly and straightforward as possible.
The Indigo children is not only perceptive but intuitive enough to understand when someone has an ulterior motive. Many indigo children are gifted with the ability to "read" people. An example of the above insight involves their intuition and mutual respect: Some of my Indigo children in the poetry class asked if I was going to a school function for Seniors. End of discussion. Next evening the student who had asked the question had her feelings hurt very deeply at the event. The indigo children do not respond readily to guilt trips, absolute authority, or peer pressure that is without integrity. It is integrity that must be included in every conversation, lesson plan, note or everyday comment. The Indigo children appreciates the honor you give when teaching them with integrity.


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