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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Indigo Children: Fact or Fiction?

Indigo Children: Fact or Fiction?

The new age children have been variously described of late as Indigos (because of the supposed color of their auras), Star Kids (because of their purported origination from other worlds), Crystals (because some say they are highly developed), and so forth. Professionals in the field of child development and education, parents, even the Indigo children themselves, are having problems with the idea that certain character traits are the sole province of special youngsters when, in fact, the vast majority of today's children match those same traits – without evidencing anything like a purple aura, or being a hybrid from another planet, or possessing "god-like" wisdom. Being supersensitive, confident, highly intelligent, unusually creative, nonconformist, extraordinarily psychic and spiritually aware, impatient, empathic, able to heal or aid others in significant ways, abstracting at young ages, spatial learners, great at problem-solving yet difficult to parent or educate – these characteristics and many more are typical to the broad span of today's youth worldwide and has been since around 1982.
Present-day school systems were not designed to educate these indigo children, nor are teachers prepared to handle their "differences." Chief among these "differences" is the surprising array of what some people call "learning disorders." The therapeutic crowd, having finally caught on that labels don't work, simply refers to such youngsters as "quirky kids" with "quirks." Annimac (an Australian life coach and futurist) noted that these children actually "multi-code" from "multi-channels." This happened to me with my book Beyond the Indigo Children (Inner Traditions/Bear, Rochester, VT), and with Edgar Cayce on the Indigo Children by Peggy Day and Susan Gale – when it is well-known that Cayce never said a thing about "indigos."
What was widespread were the traits and characteristics they saw, not the aura color of indigo. More research is needed – much more. Terming the latest in scientific findings as proof that "Indigos" have arrived is an exaggeration of truth, not an honoring of it. What served initially
Actually, Edgar Cayce's readings are a good place to start a brief exploration of esoteric wisdoms. Mystical traditions (loosely referred to as "mystery school teachings"), mention the altering of the lifestream whereby new "waves" of souls can come forth. The term "root race" is an old one, going back to ancient Vedic teachings, and refers to species-wide, evolutionary mutations, our gene pool as humans. . . not to genetic subgroups. These traditions have it that there are seven major root races in God's Plan to perfect human form on Earth, and that each advancement occurs during major cyclic changes in the earthplane. The Fifth Root Race, the one over-spreading the globe now, is associated with the vibratory frequency of blue (in these teachings, indigo children is associated with the Sixth Root Race).
began (a major cycle in fulfillment) True Indigo Children or Sixth Root Race types piggy-backed the Blues in the 1800s and have been entering the earthplane ever since – in enough numbers to spice the mix – but not in the massive numbers of births that some people claim (give them sense, all seven root races, perhaps others besides, have intermingled the cyclic time periods of great change on Earth. Each root race, as tradition has it, changes the body type, intelligence level, spiritual awareness, and creative capacity present in the human family. Our new Indigo children, irrespective of aura colors or what they seem representative of, are challenging us in ways we've never been challenged before.
Toss the labels. Our kids don't need them. What they need are guidance, discipline, lots of love, and parents wise enough to listen before assuming anything.... are Indigo Children a fact?


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