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The Indigo Children Are Said to Be Among Us

The Indigo Children Are Said to Be Among Us

Celia Fenn writer for Starchild Ascension Group writes, "The Indigo and Crystal grownups are compiled of 2 groups.
At first there are those who were born as Indigo's and are at present building the changeover to Crystal and they experience a spiritual and physical transmutation that arouses their "Christ" or "Crystal" awareness and associates them with the Crystal children as part of the evolutionary alteration.
The second group is those who comprised born without these characters, but have adopted by their own gruelling work to be part of the emergent group of "human angels" (more on human angels here: crimsoncircle.com).

The Indigo and Crystal children that come to the planet are called "Starchildren".
Most New Age advocates will compete, since Nancy is a psychic, she has fundamental perceptiveness and her instructions are wholesomely satisfactory. One cannot refuse the existence of body energy as an aura because it is scientific. No one can deny empowered children, nor can we debate that each generation demonstrates a changing in its values. What is bothering is the past heathenism being lauded as factual and that any aspect of it is even remotely in alignment with Jesus Christ and the Holy Father of existence.
The majority of subscribers of the Holy Scripture "The Indigo Children" and "An Indigo Celebration" are dedicated to Modern Age metaphysics. 

New Age appeals mystics, people not pleased with organized faith and who do not believe that Christ is the only means to God as announced by Jesus in John fourteen:six "Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. Mystics are self-governed spiritualist who chooses independently what is of God and what is not. They pursuit spiritual fads and bring together groups who share the community spirit of religious mysticism. They are completely convinced that the existent God is the “divine” in their mysticism. For this to comprise plausible, all the historic Book* where God afflicted civilisations for following earth worship and cultism must never subsist. 

Nancy wrote articulately "The Indigo Children phenomenon has been accredited as one of the most exciting alterations in human nature ever documented in society. The Indigo tag describes the energy pattern of human behaviour which subsists in over ninety-five% of the babies born in the last ten years … This phenomena is encountering globally and finally the Indigos will substitute all other colors. As small children, Indigo Children are easy to acknowledge by their outstandingly big, clean eyes. Exceedingly brilliant, advanced children with an astonishing memory and a strong want to live instinctively, these children of the next millennium are sensible, empowered souls with an developed awareness who have come here to help alter the vibrations of our lives and produce one land, one Earth and one species." She aptly depicts the generation introducing the one world society as the Age of Aquarius endeavors. A society that will abide by the anti-Christ that has been foretold in prophesy.

From the Lightworker Ascension Academy in Los Angeles, they publish to nurtures seeking their support groups. "These are children of the future. They are being born with a lot of the ascents we, as Lightworkers are mutating/evolving into as we set intention to arouse our vibration and to spark higher and higher levels of Lightbody. These Indigo Children are "hardwired" to the counsel of God because their Higher Self. They will break up whatsoever laws that are fear based and break up any establishments that lack meaning." The words "break apart any laws that are fear based" is a very common articulate applied by the New Age describing the Christian religion. 

The Age of Aquarius considers Christianity as a onerous rule-based system of rules applying fear tactics to control its followers. The New Age agenda does include breaking up the organized church through interpenetration. It seeks to adjust itself in permissiveness while introducing pagan religious mysticism inside the church. Due to the uncontrolled ignorance of the professing Church concerning the New Age, they are succeeding unabated.
The in progress surge of New Age conceptions combined with every type of religious mysticism is rather deluging. The New Age is a spiritual epidemic of epic dimensions that will not soften. A lot churches made by the unholy are adopting these mystical teachings of the New Age in large numbers. As a watcher of the religion, I sound a horn to admonish of Satan's successful schemes of old. Attempt to comprise spiritually awake and firm against the avalanche of undutiful propaganda. Do not allow your faith to be agitated in Christ.


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--> Indigos have been with us since the dawn of New Age.All were unique and gifted.
The current heavy surge of Indigo Children arrivals have manifested in five distinct and discernable decants or generations of one decade each. Each generation has distinguishing characteristics, auric veils, and Awakening/Saturn’s Return years.

Indigo Children Generation One (Alpha): Born between 1958-1968. Born with blue-green-violet overlays, camouflaged with tans. Saturn’s Return/Awakening years for this generation were 1986-1996. Octarine phase.

Indigo Children Generation Two (Beta): Born between 1968-1978: This generation also came in with the blue-green-violet overlay, but without the tan camouflage. The Saturn’s Return/Awakening years for this generation were 1996-2006. This generation is also Post-Awakening.

Indigo Children Generation Three (Gamma): Born between 1978-1988: Here is the first generation of minimally overlaid Indigos. Crystal/Octarine. This is where some of the earliest manifestations of apparent ADD and ADHD in Indigo children began. Saturn’s Return/Awakening for this generation will be from 2006-2016.

Indigo Children Generation Four (Delta): 1988-1998: The first of the ‘pure’ Indigos with no color overlay at all- only the highly chameleonic Crystal/Octarine. These are the ‘wildest’ of the apparent ADD/ADHD group, and Guidance states that it is possible that it is the rapid-fire overstimulation by the public media of this time acting on the crystal overlay that is driving the Indigo child to distraction. It will also make their transition into adolescence smoother- this group will have the hardest puberty, and, if not carefully monitored, the highest drug/alcohol and suicide rate of all the cohorts.
Indigo Children Generation Five (Omega): 1998-2008: According to my Guidance, this will be the last decade of pure Indigos, and the end of the major cohorts. acclimitizing themselves to the environment as the Delta generation, and depending upon the local conditions, may have an extremely difficult childhood. Depending upon local conditions, this generation will experience its Saturn’s Return/Awakening from 2026-2036. The number of people of the Indigo ray will drop off sharply during this generation. If you are a Beta generation Indigo Children , on the verge of or are presently in the midst of your Saturn’s Return period, this guidance should help you. For Indigos, this difficult time serves to strip away the overlays and camouflage, and reveal to them their true potential and psychic capabilities. Careful direction, close peer contact, and compassionate guidance is essential during these vulnerable times. A note: These dates and generations aren't set in concrete. If you were born before 'Alpha', that doesn't diminish your status at all. There will always be Indigo Childrens in the population, but sometimes there are more than other times.

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The ten most common traits of Indigo Children:

The ten most common traits of Indigo Children:

1. They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).

2. They have a feeling of "deserving to be here," and are surprised when others don't share that.

3. Self-worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents "who they are."

4. They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).

5. They simply will not do certain things; for example - waiting in line is difficult for them.

6. They get frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented and don't require creative thought.

7. They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and at school, which makes them seem like "system busters" - (nonconforming to any system).

8. They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often let no other human understand them. School is extremely difficult for them socially.

9. They will not respond to "guilt" discipline - (Wait till you father gets home and finds out what you did").

10. They are not shy in letting you know what they need.

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New human race of indigo children appears on Earth

New Human Race of Indigo Children appears on Earth

Indigo kids resistant system comprises numerous thousand times stronger than that of an average individual being. A pretty little female child who domiciles deep in the heart of Latgaglia (Latvia) relishes talking. She speaks casually all but her every night journeys across the Universe in an stellar body. Intimately, the story appears familiar. There's a different case of an indigo child, a phenomenon that has become pretty common lately.
The year 2012 has exceptional implication for the indigo children. The earth inhabitants will be given the chance to domiciliate in a 4-D Earth. But the offering applies only to those whose mind has increased an fundamentally new degree - the indigo children.
Researchers claim that ninety-five% of kids born after 1994 are the indigo children. The inner organs of these children have dissimilar functions, their immune systems comprises numerous times stronger than that of an intermediate human. The children likewise have another kind of deoxyribonucleic acid, a mutation form. Put differently, as regards the alterations in deoxyribonucleic acid, millions of occupants of planet Earth are not humans. A race of fresh beings is slowly but surely rising the level.
You might also constitute an indigo boy or girl because the indigo phenomenon began at the beginning of the nineties. It is all right because miracles do not feed the indigo abilities. The people empowered with the gift for indigo children are bright in a exceptional practical way. The children of the new race heading at reaching out to spiritual elevations.
The indigo children may go spontaneous like heedless hoodlums or behave like calm angel-like creatures. You are able to not just brush aside the needs of the new generation otherwise precious little creatures will suffer from mental imbalance and agitated thinking. A well-known mysterious Drunwalo Melchisedek asserts that a deoxyribonucleic acid mutation in the modern children has comprised caused by a particular response generated by our emotional and mental bodies. It is the response of a wavelike assortment enlightened by our body. The spreading of the indigo is an astounding phenomenon coming right before our eyes. The old vaticinate about children leading humankind to redemption is approaching true.
On the whole, the day when all child will be a indigo children or child of prognostication is near.


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The Future of Indigo Children

The Future of Indigo Children

The unscientific classification of children does not cease with the Indigo children. Lately, a lot of new classes have been offered that offer even more choices for children to be labelled as above mediocre and empowered. These new classes include the Crystal children and the Rainbow children to name some. A great deal like the Indigos, the Crystals and Rainbows are allegedly new life energies on Earth that are here to alter our global lives
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Indigo Children Come to Teach Us, and How This Will Save Us

Indigo Children Come to Teach Us, and How This Will Save Us

One central theme of the Indigo movement is the idea that the Indigo children are here to teach us a lesson. Some of these lessons are outlined through stories from Indigos and parents or grandparents of Indigos in Carroll and Tober’s 2001 follow-up book, An Indigo Celebration: More Messages, Stories, and Insights from the Indigo Children. According to several Indigo proponents, many Indigo children are “old souls,” indicating that they have experienced several lifetimes and carry with them tremendous knowledge and wisdom from these past lives. Parents who believe this is true tend to keep an open mind and report their child’s statements as true. For example, one child stated that the reflection of the sun’s rays on the water, which were called “God spots” (p. 59), were used to take people’s souls back to heaven when they die. Because the child used the phrase “back up to heaven” (p. 59), the parent unquestionably deduced that the child had knowledge regarding the existence of souls in heaven prior to a person’s birth. The child of another set of parents explained that he once ruled an entire planet, but unfortunately for him there was a large disaster (an earthquake, in this case) that caused him to suffer a traumatic impact from bumping his head on a rock. This caused his spirit to fall from his body and land inside of his Earth-mother. Other stories presented in An Indigo Celebration (2001) include teenagers, who identify themselves as Indigo children , struggling to fit in because they know they are Indigo and thus are different and isolated. A teenager reporting that he or she feels isolated, unique, and above average is not an exceptional statement—many teens feel this way. The imaginary audience and personal fable come to mind when reading these stories; both phenomena should be easily identifiable to anyone who has taken an introduction to psychology course. Most accounts are vague, alluding to a general change in our way of thinking and a passion for saving the earth and its inhabitants.

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Indigo Spirit 1

The Indigo Spirit 1
The anatomy of the Indigo Spirit is by far the most complicated part of these souls. This section does not cover the total profile of the Indigo Spirit but attempts to help you find your way through the mysteries of the Indigo. The basic suggestions I make when dealing with their spiritual side is to practice: respect, understanding, patience and love.

When Indigo Children enter a class space for the first time they inspect it, not unlike other students. The best way to manage their fears or questions is to answer them as honestly and straightforward as possible.
The Indigo children is not only perceptive but intuitive enough to understand when someone has an ulterior motive. Many are gifted with the ability to "read" people. An example of the above insight involves their intuition and mutual respect: Some of my Indigo children in my poetry class asked if I was going to a school function for Seniors. End of discussion. Next evening the student who had asked the question had her feelings hurt very deeply at the event. It is integrity that must be included in every conversation, lesson plan, note or everyday comment. The Indigo children appreciates the honor you give when teaching them with integrity.